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Adorable Story

My niece and I love reading the stories in this app over and over again. She loves to be featured in the story each time and I appreciate the positive messages that are presented. Looking forward to more stories and adorable illustrations.


I love this app. It is best of the app I have ever seen on the App Store. Thank You.

Great for children!

Cute animations and great stories! Don’t miss it!

Great app!

Kind stories with great pictures and soulful music. Waiting for new stories to arrive!

My daughter loved it!

This app is great and wonderful for kids. My daughter found it amazing that the stories were personalized for her.


"That was a great story"

My four year old loved it. Having his name in the story made him so excited. Nice illustrations and music.


My little biece love to hear her name in the story and could not wait for the next page! I can definately recommend this app!

Very sweet

A very sweet story about a young eagle. However, the objects in the nest were so brightly colored and out of place that we thought the must have been active objects (eg. swipe the ball and make it roll, tap the blocks and knock them over, etc). Art feels like a real picture book.

Highly recommended

Beautiful children app. My 4 years baby girl loves it!

Great app

This app is really great, simple and useful. Easy to use. The idea is great and everyone who has a child should download this.

Really really nice

Exceptionally high quality kids E books with their names included. Lots of books to choose from, great music and beautiful illustrations. Amazing app!!

Beautifully Illustrated Personalized Story Books

This app has a really nice idea. Type in your childs name and he or she will be the hero of the story. Right now, there is no audio to go with the stories, but the developer is planning on adding a recording feature which will be nice for younger children who cant read yet.

Good stories for kids

Nice pictures, interesting stories. There are English and Russian languages. My kids get a lot of fun!

My sons love it

Both of my sons, 3.5 and 21 months old love the stories. Thanks!

Happy little stories

Little stories where so fun for me they made me so happy to read them.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸................😃😃😃You should also download it for yourself to be as excited and joyful as me.

Beautiful inspiring story

Thank you. Such a wonderful and inspirational story! My granddaughter loved it!

Love it

My kids love these little stories!!

I love this story

I love this app I downloaded on my phone so I could read bed time stories to my granddaughter thank I just love it


Stories are good

Perfect Portable Library

Our son was born 8 weeks early and we were carting books back and forth to the NICU. I was so glad to find an app with stories my wife and I could read to our son to connect with him and let him hear our voices. The stories are cute and the perfect length. We can see him reading these stories to himself someday. The artwork is friendly and well-drawn. Our son is still in the NICU but I think these stories will be perfect as he grows and we are on the go.


Dearly bookshop I love your books 💕💕👍🏽😉😍😍😋😛😝😜🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤓😎😍😍😍😍😍😀😀😀😀😃😃😄😄😁😁👀❤️❤️❤️😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

I love your books ther awesome

That’s great for the kids we love the love Clara

Very good app

It’s a really good app but when it comes to finding bed time stories but they only give you 1 free short stories and then you have to pay for the rest and they are kind of pricey .

Books for kids

I read to my daughter she loved it🙂

Best books eva

Now I don’t have to get books for my brother Channing I can just read these books and I don’t have to get books to read to him #books #icanchill


I love your stories you are the nicest app for reading bedtime stories

Little stories

little stories is a app for kids and kids love bedtime stories so they can sleep with 0 fright at night.👍👍🏻👀

Fun and good for kids

My little one was so excited when I told her I had books to read her on my phone that had her name in them as the main character! She loves it and I love that I can do something educational with her on my phone. Her big sister was amazed when she saw us reading the stories and wanted to join in! Now she’s even asking for stories she can read herself with her own name.

Yes please



Kids love that their name were in the story.

Very Cute

Love the books, wish the stories were narrated. More books please.

Three star

I gave it a three because I can only read one story and the others were locked but everything else is great 😊👍🏽

Only one book

Why did u make it where u have to pay for the books? Now I only am aloud to have 1 book so please make more free books please!!

The eagle, I thought the story would be read out loud, but it turns out it doesn’t

Story doesn’t read out loud, wish it did

Stop complaining about the app not being "free"

I really get annoyed when people dock stars off for their own personal preferences, especially when the app is a fantastic app/game. They give you 2 stories for free. You know to try the app out. Nothing in this world that's worth something, is free. There's a saying, "You get what you pay for"! If you don't want to purchase something that's great, for your child that's the price of a coffee, that's on YOU. You shouldn't dock stars because YOU don't want to pay. That's not the developers fault. They have worked very hard on this app, making it a great app, updating the app for the best experience. Put it like this, would YOU be okay with your boss not paying you for all your hard work and time?? Absolutely NOT! So why expect the developers of apps and games to do that? It takes A LOT of time, effort and MONEY to make great apps. So please people stop complaining about paying a few bucks for a great app. I, personally don't mind helping out a developer I like! When you buy an app or buy in app purchase you're helping the developers of that app. Whether you like it or not, money makes the world go round. So support your favorite app/game. No I am NOT affiliated with this app or the people that made it. I'm just a very Honest/blunt customer. My review. I have to say, my son is a bit older (9) but he actually likes this before bedtime. He has been having night terrors lately and since reading these stories, that has started to go away. Thank God AND this app! It's worth the price. You can even include your child's name into the stories. How great is that! 5 stars is my true rating! Big fat thumbs up 👍 for this one!

Very cute

Loved this. Very cute idea. My kids loved this

So awesome!

What a great little app! And I had an issue with the download after I purchased a packages of books- but the team was so responsive, helpful and fixed the problem within 48hours! Definitely recommend this.


I absolutely LOVED the free book after downloading the app. After purchasing the bundle of 4 books, the app would repeatedly quit before the books could be downloaded. Needless to say I have a very disappointed toddler and am out $6.

Little stories bedtime books

I enjoy these little stories. They are cute and encouraging for young children. Thank you Miriam

Love it

This app is so cute it replaces the character name with your child’s name my daughter love it and the story are perfect💕

Love it!

Great app!

Bedt me stories

The first story was free but then you had to do at for the rest

Great stories!

My daughter likes loves this app! Please make more wonderful stories! Thank you.

Bedtime stories

Great app !!! Super good for kids!

Love it perfect for kids

Love that my child has his own character in the story .

So Adorable

I love this I have bought almost every book so far. My kids look forward to our bed time stories because, they love hearing their name in the story. I have recommended this to all my friends already, best kid app I've had so far.

Pricey but unique

I wish there weren't as many purchases necessary, but overall good concept. I like how it uses the name you choose.


Love the sweet stories with beautiful colors!

Super cute

I love these stories! Very positive and heart warming.



Wonderful Stories!

This is a great app for bed time stories. Possibly THE best one, in my opinion. I actually wanted to pay for the extra stories so I could read them to my little man. The illustrations are really well done, the stories are safe and fun to read, and the app itself is user friendly. 🏆

It's pretty good

The app has many stories and the child's name is in all of them as a character but you have to pay for some of them. That's my only dislike other than that the app is amazing.

Great stories!!

My daughter is excited about having story time!


Even though these stories are a little advanced I enjoy reading them to my newborn son! And I love the way it includes his name in the story! This app is too cute!


Only suggestion is a few free stories. But I love the idea of adding the child's name to make it more personal.

Our bed time routine

These little story are great and they are the prefect amount of pages. I really wish we can purchase more! Very few to select 😒

Iap to unlock everything!

Wish they had that option instead of buying single books. Other than that great app

Free books

My daughter enjoyed the two free books

Good Quality but pricey

Each story is well done and includes your child's name as a protagonist in the story. 0.99 or 1.99 per story is on the expensive side. The only quibble is not having a "read to me" feature.

Who is first

Very cute story! My daughter was excited that the main character shares her name!

Words are too big for kids but cute idea

One of the stories I am the first uses words that are just too big for kids. It's not interesting when it's not even understandable. I bought all the stories and they are cute but i don't like that I don't have an option to switch out names for different stories. Each story should have an option otherwise every story is about "Jacqueline". Overall it's cute but I wish they considered and will continue to think about the comments I've made.

Great app for bedtime

Daughter loves it. Works

Very sweet

A very sweet story about a young eagle. However, the objects in the nest were so brightly colored and out of place that we thought the must have been active objects (eg. swipe the ball and make it roll, tap the blocks and knock them over, etc). Art feels like a real picture book.


My little biece love to hear her name in the story and could not wait for the next page! I can definately recommend this app!

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